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Audacity and Me

Since its initial release, I’ve used Audacity to create audio for projects small and large, for clients ranging from instructional videos to radio commercials to materials for the US Air Force and The White House, to dozens of audiobooks.

Over that time, I’ve used most of the popular audio editing tools and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) that have come along (and in some cases, gone away). And I continue to use Audacity.  That’s because…

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To gain confidence

To know your tools

To have confidence

To enjoy your audio work

To build confidence–continually

Your Path to Being an Audacity Guru

  1. Stuart’s Audacity Tips: a free newsletter that brings tips for using Audacity straight to your inbox.
  2. My Foundation Course, which includes ten videos that go in-depth into the audio editing tools in Audacity (and includes some tips and tricks along the way), is a great starting point.
  3. [Coming Soon] Our ongoing Audacity Guru membership includes more videos, downloadables, and access to our community–including personal support. Everything is accessible as long as you are subscribed.

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Audacity & You

While it’s impossible to promise specific professional results that will accrue to you as an Audacity guru, let me assure you that I get no greater joy than seeing a student succeed. Audacity Guru is the result of one of my mentors encouraging me to share my experience. My goal is to see you make something amazing!

If you need to work with audio, I want to help. Are you ready?

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